How to buy NFT

1. Download wallet that represents blockchain you like the most.
We use these:
Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, USDT - Metamask (also has mobile app)
Solana - Phantom (also has mobile app)

2. Fund wallet with enough Solana, Ethereum or whatever to cover cost of NFT + transaction fees
We use these:
Coinbase - 10$ Bitcoin bonus for deposit - HERE
Binance - Some % discount on fees - HERE

3. Look for some interesting project
Hardest part, always do perfect research, because it is your money and crypto.
If you will lose it nobody will refund you!

4. Buy or mint your NFT
You can buy NFT on some secondary market which has many advantages like you can chose what NFT you will buy, you can offer price etc.
We like OpenSea for Ethereum NFTs and MagicEden for Solana NFTs
Or you can mint - be the first one to issue that NFT and this has also advantages like you can buy it for first and mostly lowest price, but you have to be on whitelist or win raffle.

Good luck and donĀ“t forget - you can ask our awesome community on discord.
You will always find help there.