Cosmic Drift NFT Launch

Cosmic Drift NFT Launch

Cosmic Drift is an online role-playing game taking place in an open-world setting powered by Ethereum. Every domain in the realm will be created to be a unique cinematic gaming experience.

What can players expect?
Players will be able to use NFT character assets in-game to interact with the world. Great care has been taken to create NFT assets that are distinct and function in line with story elements in-game to create an immersive and rewarding experience for players. Our major focus has been on creating art, lore, and gameplay elements that keep players wanting more from the world that we’re creating.

Our vision
Getting users to engage with the world’s storylines and lore on a regular basis while also adding value to their characters through upgradable and transferable character assets. We believe it is time for the next generation of crypto-powered games to appear, ones that are as popular as and comparable to most mainstream online role-playing games.

By cutting through the crypto and gaming space, Cosmic Drift will provide an experience that will rival if not surpass most top-tier RPGs by uniquely blending these two in a hybrid that caters to the best of both worlds.

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