Cosmic Meta War Chicks

Cosmic Meta War Chicks

Part of the generative art series "Cosmic Meta" which is 100% stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each artwork is a hand drawn of advanced 3D collectible driven by powerful AI... Dimensions: 2160 x 2700 (5,832,000 pixels). ROADMAP Considering ❓ Cosmic Meta Apes ❓ 3D Cosmic Meta Robots Ongoing ⏱️ Giveaways, Marketing ⏱️ Rarity / Ranking / Trust score website Work In Progress: ⏳ Coinbase listing ⌛ Giveaways 🎁┃giveaways ⏳ Merch (Tshirts for kids and adults, hoodies, stickers, mugs ...)

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