CozyBros NFT project is a 6000 3D characters there to create a cozy community and create futur digitil events, early giveaways of WL, discord nitro, ETH and more are already setup in our roadmap. DONATIONS to campaign like Ukraine, teamseas and more are things we will do after Mint date (MAY) Here is the Roadmap..


1-Making the art and panning the goal of the project

2-Making the discord, socials, website

3-Opening the project to the public and showing the arts

4-Giving a @Platinum role for the first 100  members for better chance for a whitelist spot and for private giveaways

5-Mint date announce and creating hype

6-WL Mint day (0.02 Ξ) May

7-Mint day (0.03 Ξ) May

8-Holder discord role for holders

1% minted-Giving 0.5 Ξ  and 2 Discord NITRO! (5 0.1 Ξ price)

10% minted-Giving 1 Ξ and 2 FREE nft!(2 price of 0.5 Ξ)

25% minted-Giving 1 Ξ  to the person that mint the imposter in the collection

40% minted-Giving 1 Ξ to one of the 5  1/1  holders

70% minted-Merch drop for holders/merch giveaways

12-Donation to Ukraine, Team seas, Team tree and more..

13-New collection inspired by the community

Mint Date


NFT Supply


NFT Price

0.03 ETH

Blockchain of NFT collection

Ethereum (290)

Social Media

Website Discord Twitter