Degen Avatar Sale

Degen Avatar Sale

The goal of the game is to gather as many Degen Dollars as possible, and climb up as high as you can on the leaderboard.

Game lasts 7 days, at the end prizes are distributed according to how many Degen Dollars each wallet has.

1st wins 25,000 BUSD

2nd wins 15,000 BUSD

3rd wins 10,000 BUSD

4th – 10th place each win 1,000 BUSD

11th – 30th place each win 500 BUSD

31st – 50th place each win 250 BUSD

Each game starts when there are 500 players.

Each player will have to purchase 1 Degen Avatar / wallet = 250 BUSD.

Game starts when pre-sale ends

Total funds: 125,000 BUSD

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