Hoody Nightmare NFT Upcoming Drops

Hoody Nightmare NFT Upcoming Drops

Hoody Nightmare is a collection of 6666 NFTs on ERC-721A. This project is inspired by the story of a yellow raincoat “Hoody” trapped in a mysterious nightmare and running away from the monsters chasing called “Nightmare”. Hoody needs help! You are the one who will help Hoody find the way out!

Each Hoody Nightmare (HN) NFT is minted with unique traits, styles, elements, and fabulous properties. Every HN NFT was hand-drawn in the “Surrealism Art Style” showing the nightmare of a little kid’s imagination. In this project, there are 2 different generative NFTs, Hoody & Nightmare, dressing in the movie-themed with our favourite concept “Retro”. So, what would you choose? Hoody or Nightmare?

The Hoody Nightmare project does not provide only generative NFTs, but also special NFTs including Full-set NFTs, 1/1 NFTs, and Sacrifice Cards NFTs. Especially, Sacrifice Cards are separated into 5 pieces NFT. If you can collect all of them, then you will get an exclusive NFT that is formed of these 5 NFTs.

In addition, Hoody Nightmare reserved 666 NFTs for Free Mint WL. The Hoody Nightmare whitelist mints are reserved opportunities to mint an NFT during a specific date. Then there will be a Pre-sale phrase for anyone who didn’t get our WL but still be early, you can mint our HN NFT at 0.05 ETH, and then the Public Sale will be 0.075 ETH.

About the Mint Date:
12:00 pm UTC, 5th September 2022 ⇒ Free Minting for Hoody Nightmare WL
12:00 pm UTC, 7th September 2022 ⇒ Pre-sale minting on the website at 0.05 ETH
12:00 pm UTC, 10th September 2022 ⇒ Public Sale minting on the website and OpenSea at 0.075 ETH

Hoody Nightmare looks forward to dreaming with you and how we can help in a better way for helping Hoody find the way out!

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