The Meows are mystical creatures that live deep in the forest. If you are lucky enough to gain their trust and tame them, you can participate in a series of collector challenges and earn Ethereum.

MEOWs $10,000 Mint Giveaway!

Enter Premint Rafle for a Whitelist.


Chapter I – The Awakening
– Twitter opens.
– Discord opens for friends and family.
– Invite contest begins for cash prizes.
– Discord officially opens to public.

Chapter II – Time to Tame: Mint your MEOWS
– After all MEOWS have been tamed we will have a MEOWs $10,000 Giveaway Raffle.
– 20 Mystical MEOWS NFTs will be given away to our community via contests, giveaways and Twitter engagements.

Chapter III – Running with the Pack
– Exclusive MEOWS Pack Holder Discord channels.
– Exclusive Pack Holder Role (Pack holder role equals holding 5 or more MEOWS).
– There will be valuable giveaways for our community with that specific role.

Chapter IV – Collecting with the Pack
– After all MEOWS have been tamed there will be a series of Collector Challenges.
– We will set aside a pool of Ethereum for every challenge from secondary sales.
– Collect MEOW NFTs with particular traits and win your share of the Ethereum pool.
– The size of your pack is an important factor for completing Collector Challenges.

Chapter V – Events, Merchandise and More
– Merchandise Drop.
– IRL events – Free to MEOWS holders.
– Roadmap 2.0 announced…

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