Mutant Alphas

Mutant Alphas

666 mutants WITH STAKEABLE ABILITIES For Alphalogic token (For use on our holders only Store) This token will be earned Daily just for staking with the ability to multiply it daily By Raids and Retweets (Until All Supply is Released) (no actual cash value) DAILY STAKING Rewards: • Mutant Alphas : 2 tokens per day • OG Mutant Alphas : 3 tokens per day Tweet Raid To Earn: (raiding post supplied by me or team members, Ie discord and twitter raiding )PAID TO RAID • 1 retweet = 1 token • 1 reaction = 1 token More Rewards to come • All supplied and verified TWEETS AND DISCORD REACTIONS This token will be used for alot of things in our upcoming Store.

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