Primus NFT Collection

Primus NFT Collection

Rawlings is taking collectible gloves to the next level with this first-of-its-kind NFT drop. The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection is a limited edition series of 461 NFTs that are tied to real-life collectible gloves. The NFTs will drop to the public on August 31, 2022. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase their PRIMUS NFT a week sooner by joining the Rawlings Discord and earning an allowlist spot.
The PRIMUS NFT collection features four tiers of rarity, as well as individually stamped models and truly one-of-a-kind designs for both the digital and physical collectibles. The one-of-one glove, designed and worn in-game by NY Mets’ Francisco Lindor, will be sold in a charity auction. You must decide which one to keep and which one will be destroyed. These premium gloves are exclusively designed and manufactured for this NFT drop and will never be made again!
Holders will be able to exchange their PRIMUS NFT for their physical glove during a limited window starting in September 2022. Each glove has been manufactured with exclusive details, including an edition number stamp tied to the NFT number, the Rawlings NFT logo, and “Mint No. 1”. The physical glove comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, too. Gloves will be delivered in late 2022. Remember, you must relinquish or exchange your PRIMUS NFT to receive your exclusive Rawlings glove. Rawlings and immersive XR agency Dream Syndicate have collaborated to bring the PRIMUS NFT collection to life. 

Each tier features a special glove design of limited quantity. The Pro tier, featuring an ultra-premium steer hide glove, has 300 NFTs and will be sold for $500 USD equivalent in ETH. The Gold tier has 150 NFTs and features an ultra-luxurious kip leather glove. Gold NFTs will be sold for $750 USD equivalent in ETH each. The rare Platinum tier has just 10 NFTs, featuring a specialized glove design that’s sure to draw attention. Each Platinum NFT will be sold for $1,500 USD equivalent in ETH. Final ETH prices will be announced close to the sale date in order to accurately reflect the USD equivalent.

Finally, a 1-of-1 glove designed and game-worn by NY Mets’ Francisco Lindor. This glove is a single-edition and will be sold at auction with all proceeds sent to Lindor’s charity of choice.

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