Robinhoot WL is open

Robinhoot WL is open

Robinhoot DAO aims to standardize Web3 financial management by building Safe Treasury, a one-stop finance dashboard for web3 teams and providing a more transparent financial disclosure solution for community governance. Financial auditing will also be a core feature for Robinhoot DAO in the future.
Robinhoot DAO will be the equity-proof and financing platform of Safe Treasury. 1 billion ERC-20 utility Tokens will be issued on Ethereum in the future as the native currency of Safe Treasury’s products and services as well as the governance token of the DAO.

The benefits and interests of the whole project will be tokenized in this way.
Prior to the Token drop, a collection of 10,000 Robinhoot NFTs with rich characteristics will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be distributed in three phases. Your Robinhoot doubles as the equity proof of Robinhoot DAO, and grants access to members-only benefits. The team promises that all NFT holders will get 20% airdrop of the total supply, each one entitled to 20,000 tokens.
Everything is early, DO NOT MISS OUT THIS BLUE CHIP!!!

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