Saplings BETA-presale Drop

Saplings BETA-presale Drop

Saplings is a charity NFT project aiming to heal humanity by spreading awareness and educating people on climate change. We’ve developed a lot of innovations into this space and created a tamagotchi/animal crossing universe right into NFTs.


– 50% of sales will be donated to NGOs
– an interactive 3D NFT
– Dynamic PFP feature and innovations
– Nintendo’s Games Vibes, Quest & Loots System, Comic for Kids, Board Game, DAO

–At Saplings, we’re building resilience and hope one tree at a time.

We’re living through change so profound. As the earth heats up, we can’t just stand by and watch — the time to act is now. We won’t be able to stop climate change alone, but we can at least try to cool down the planet by getting the word out and teaching people how they can help. Creating a radical safe and inclusive space for driving change and history. We see this as the start of a global movement that will unite people from all corners of the globe in a common cause: to make everyone think, reflect and act for the good of our beloved Earth.

When harnessed right, NFTs offer a unique opportunity to promote social good for the planet while having fun.
If you care about Earth, people and justice — or if you just want to own some of the coolest & cutest NFTs — then here’s your chance. Get involved, enter Saplings’ universe: We can make a change — together.

–Our mission?

We are here to leverage the web3 community and the NFTs space to spread awareness and educate people on the climate crisis.
At Saplings, we deeply think that each individual is not educated enough on this global problem running for years.
By bringing innovations and charity aspect to NFTs, we are here for the long term.

50% of all sales will be donated to top recognized NGOs fighting global warming.

— Any Partners?

We are partnering with the Amazon Conservation, Trees for the Futures and Health in Harmony for a better and healthier Planet

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