The Change!

The Change!

Krilian is a concept that goes beyond the metaverse’s conventional. Our decentralization creates a symbiosis between the digital and physical world, presented as a lifestyle for everyone who wants to stay connected with our community.

For the first step, we’ll have 8,888 NFTs collection, and during sales, we’re going to return in stages to holders the total amount of 350,000.00 USD. In addition, our team will donate 50,000.00 USD to causes that the community vote for and choose. Lifewear? We’ll have it! Krilian will be part of your daily routine as a stylish and quality brand. The holders will make decisions to guide Krilian’s destiny. Later, we’ll create a token with DAO features, and the result will be in your hands. For more details, see the roadmap on our page.

Krilian has soul, heart and the message is unique, just like you. Krilian is the change!

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