The High Monks Drop

The High Monks Drop

The High Monks🙏 have invited you to a Community of 👿🥬 Lovers. An Ancient Collection of 11,111 High Monks NFTs ascended to the earth realm to find the HIGHer things in Life & Business.


– Unique Street Artist
– Ex-Meta Employees
– 👿🥬 Backed
– P2E Metaverse Game
– Restricted Industry Business Opportunities & Incubator
– Partner in Cold Wallet Storage & Technology. Patent Pending.
– Released Roadmap & Fulfillment Started

👿🥬Benefits of Joining “The High Monks”

– Unlock HIGHlist at Level 10 to get a “Portal” at a discounted price
– Access to Stoners Temple
– Chance @ Legendary OG Spot & OG Canvas Collection 1 of 111
– Grab a 1st Edition Cold Wallet 1 of 1000 & Get HIGHlisted Instantly
– Limited Edition Merch & Physical Product Drops
– Passive Income To Ancient Monk Holders
– Multiple ETH Giveaways
– Over $111K in Giveaways
– Passive Income for Ancient Monk Holders

Mint Date


NFT Supply


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Blockchain of NFT collection

Ethereum (290)

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