The Lost Bulls NFT Mint

The Lost Bulls NFT Mint

What is The Lost Bulls ?

The Lost Bulls (TLB) is an NFT collection of 5,000 unique part-skeleton bulls living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Each part-skeleton bull possesses a distinct combination of attributes from a total of 67 traits.

TLB was designed with a symbolic meaning behind it. It symbolizes the two different crypto markets, Bull and Bear. The bull part of the body indicates the Bull market, and the skeleton part signifies being “Lost” or waiting for something optimistic to happen, hence the Bear market.

When you invest in TLB, you are not only investing in a unique digital art piece with symbolism connected to it. You are also taking part in all of its beneficial features.

TLB’s Back Story

The world of the Bulls was unstable—their grasslands withered into deserts just as quickly as their deserts bloomed into grasslands. In desperate need of a new, stable home, 5,000 Bulls boarded a spaceship and jettisoned off.

The Bulls were hopeful as they dreamed of expansion. However, fears arose as their shuttle started issuing alarms. With thrumming hearts they realized their fuel reserves were declining fast. With no other option, they landed on a nearby planet.

They were pessimistic as they surveyed the barren, rocky surface. Was this a sign their mission was fruitless? The absence of hope and direction ate away at them. They were lost.

However, The Bulls were determined and resilient. Picking up the pieces, they were able to call for a new ship and spent their time scouring maps of the universe deciding where to go next.

With their best chance of finding a home somewhere on the Ethereum blockchain, The Lost Bulls eagerly boarded their new spacecraft and resumed their search. Where will they end up?


– Building the best project & community

– Automatic burning of 1,000,000 Shiba Inu with each NFT mint

– Staking options available (25% of TLB’s royalty fees will be placed in a community fund and distributed as a multi- tier system)

– $3,000 TLB minting raffle amongst minters of 3+ TLB NFTs

– Discord roles and voting rights given to Minters/holders proportional to the number of TLB NFTs minted/staked

– TLB Whales (6+ NFTs) will be included in the planning of future projects

– OG Bulls (3+ NFTs) and TLB Whales to be airdropped NFT from second project

– Opening of merchandise store: TLB Whales can contribute ideas as well as receive special product discounts

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Blockchain of NFT collection

Ethereum (502)

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