The Millions Presales Dutch Auction

The Millions Presales Dutch Auction

The Millions is the first ever investment DAO project with procedurally generated 10k 3D models with 3 completely unique types of rarities (100+ traits). 50% of Collected funds from NFT sales will be REBATE to the community for future investments and yield-bearing opportunities by powering with the Community Owned Liquidity.

This project aims to change the ponzinomic to a proper economic model as a Father Of All Utilities. The Millions will not be limited themselves in chasing any opportunity just only for the on-chain projects which mean The Millions will also have a plan for dealing with off-chain projects as well. 90% of every collected profit will be directly paid back to The Millions NFT holders. Of course, everything will only be decided by DAO voting.

Holder Benefits,

– Investing in The Millions is investing in all of the future upcoming products that will produce from The Millions ecosystem without spending an extra penny anymore.

– 90% weekly revenue sharing

– 10% ownership airdrop for every upcoming projects of The Millions ecosystem.

– DAO token airdrop

– WL guarantee for upcoming projects of The Millions ecosystem.

– Will get access to holder-only alpha chat with the talented professionals in crypto and NFT.

– Selective free NFT airdrop

– Collab opportunity with the dev team for people who are holding at least 3 DAO tokens.

– Staking NFT rewards.

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Ethereum (290)

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