The Rift Witches Mint

The Rift Witches Mint

Rift Of Magic

Welcome to Rift Of Magic, a Play to Earn community project where people decide what happens in the RiftVerse, their magical Metaverse.

How is Rift Of Magic really different from other projects?
We are aiming for a long-term project over several seasons. Each season will have a new collection of 666 NFTs with their own theme and features. This ensures that the people who buy the NFTs are really passionate about Rift Of Magic, so that we can move forward together and develop your metaverse!

What’s coming up?
–>The RiftVerse: The magical MetaVerse of the Rifters.
–>Rift Minions: Magical companions that never leave their masters and give them bonuses if they are stacked.
–>RiftCrystal: Token of the RiftVerse, governance and economy.
–>Games: plural! Multidimensional (2D game coming soon)

✴May the magic be yours✴

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Solana (150)

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