The Rise Of Eternal Zombies

The Rise Of Eternal Zombies

Eternal Zombies is a collection of 1111 pixel zombies on the BNB Chain. These NFTs will provide passive income for their holders in the form of $ZMBE tokens. They also give holders voting power within the Eternal Zombie ecosystem.

Eternal Zombies is a randomly generated collection of 1111 pixel zombies on the BNB Chain. Designed and developed by Canadian Crypto Junkie & SaadSarwar both who are known in the BNB Chain space.

The Eternal Zombies NFTs offers the community a set of benefits and utility. The first being monthly passive income in the form of $ZMBE tokens (RugZombies native token) for eternity. Each month holders will be able to claim their $ZMBE tokens from our website. These $ZMBE tokens can then be used in the RugZombie ecosystem.

We will also be developing a DAO for holders. This DAO will give each Eternal Zombie holder a voice within our ecosystem. Allowing the community to shape the destiny of Eternal Zombies and possibly more…

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