The Soulless Citadel Chapter 2 Mint

The Soulless Citadel Chapter 2 Mint

The Soulless Citadel is a cinematic universe around a meticulously designed storyline created by award-winning filmmakers— supported by unique and verifiable NFTs across multiple Blockchains. After partnering up with the leading development team Quinence, and Hollywood screenwriters Janet and Lee Batchler, they are now building their universe in Chapters. As Chapter 1, the Soulless Citadel, launched and sold out in February, had great success, they began moving onto Chapter 2, The Rise of the Women Warriors.

Mint date: 30 Sept, 2022.
Collection size: 5555.
WL Mint price: $63 (1750 ZIL)
Public Mint price: $80 (2250 ZIL)
IMPORTANT INFO: Mint will be one-click with debit/credit card/Apple/Google Pay, no extra steps or verification needed. No need to use ZIL unless you want to. WL available through community events and for Ch 1 holders, snapshot will be taken at a random time after 23rd Sept.

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Binance Smart Chain (13)

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