Toki Universe Auction

Toki Universe Auction

Toki Universe is a joint venture with DGallery, an antique collection house. As part of their effort to venture into the Web3 world, DGallery decided to offer up to 10 of their antiques to be digitized as an NFT collection. Holders of these NFT collections will get to enjoy a portion of the profit once the actual antique is sold in the real world.

Bucket Auction

Toki Universe will be using Toki Bucket Auction as the minting mechanism. In summary, you can bid as much as you want while the auction is open. When the auction ends, if you bid is lower than the final clearing price, you will get a FULL refund.

Toki Achievement Bar (TAB)

Toki Achievement Bar or TAB is a sales & rewards measurement benchmark for Toki holders. There are five tiers of rewards designed for all Toki holders to achieve together. Prizes included fractionalized Antique NFT, Toki exclusive merchandise, a 3D2N meetup party and more.

Minting Schedule

Soft Launch: 27 August 2022, 6:00AM EST (ENDED)

Super Whitelist Mint: 8th September 2022, 6:00 AM EST

Official Launch: 9th September 2022, 6:00AM EST


Our soft launch has just ended. And our official launch will be on 9th September 2022, 6:00 AM EST.

Mark down the date so you wouldn’t miss the chance to become the holder of this exciting project. Grab your opportunity to be one of the earliest holders of Toki.

Happy Minting ❤️


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Blockchain of NFT collection

Ethereum (299)

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