Tosiqyu | The Moodguys

Tosiqyu | The Moodguys

The Moodguys

A collection of 3,333 unique nft on the Solana blockchain. Of which 777 nft have the rarest attributes and gain access to the Moodguys casino. And 2,556 nft will gain access to a decentralized investment fund.

Each unique token avatar from The MoodGuys collection symbolizes the power, energy and luck that is given to every human being by nature. To unlock the potential, the luck that nature has given us, we must learn to listen to our inner voice. It is our voice, not the voice of centralized systems.

Follow your inner self. And then you will discover the power and luck that the universe has given you. MoodGuys are the power of the human self.

* Our own casino with new slots and lots of new mods

*Fond With All income holders (people will decide what to buy with our funds and profit in the form of airdrop)

*Betting system with a lot of draws (already have 5 cetes, 1 degod, 10 chaos udders, 15 moons, 10 infected mobs)

*Merch -Take buyer’s sneakers and upgrade

*Private DAO with the best alpha players and blue chip holders in the community

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Solana (150)

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