Unleashed Platinum Alpha Mint

Unleashed Platinum Alpha Mint

Platinum is a precious metal that symbolizes durability, purity, and a high status in our society. Unleashed Platinum is a Community first High Fashion project that’s built to inspire and help elevate others for generations to come.. Designed by Georgia Tech Sports Hall of Famer Octavius Terry and world renowned artist Boje Chto; both joined together to create a Web3 3D digital masterpiece that provides an immersive, realistic experience for the collector like no other on the Ethereum Blockchain
We are building a community first Discount App. (think Groupon) this gives more advantages to our NFTs holders.
Our mission is to Build an ALPHA Community.
Holders of Boss Genesis or Alpha Pass will get instant access to free mint on our main collection and many irl Benefits.
Limited Alpha Pass NFTs for the Platinum VIP wl, wl and Boss Genesis Holders.

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Ethereum (502)

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