ZLMC Pre-sale

ZLMC Pre-sale

Helping the community ‘feel better’ with our home service utility one Zen Lion at a time.

Like all humans, every Zen Lion is unique and enjoys self-care.

A limited 6,000 piece 3D art collection that offers value in a multitude of ways while appealing to all your senses.

Get treated like royalty whilst you rest under ambient light, listen to soothing music and embrace the subtle aroma of scented oils.

Enjoy a weekly spa-experience in the comfort of your home.

Each token offers a redemption code to book weekly pampering.

Get a professional 60-minute in-home massage of choice.

For personal use, redeem one-week after mint.

Max 1 session per week ($120 value per session, $6240 per year).


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Blockchain of NFT collection

Ethereum (299)

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