What is NFT

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and is a form of digital ownership.
Appearing on many blockchains, mostly on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano etc.
Ethereum is most popular one, but Solana and Polygon are catching up, because of low fees.
NFT can be anything you can imagine...
Picture, video, animation, music, plot in some metaverse,... or IRL connected to real property.

It is fastly growing niche and industry, but beware of scams.
Better ask twice than let scammers wipe your wallet.

For best safety we recommend to check some red flags:
1. Is the team doxxed?
2. Is art original and not just a copy?
3. Is there a good and real roadmap?
4. Don´t trust giveaways
5. Bots and fake followers
6. Are people getting banned for simple questions?
7. If celebrity join project it doesn´t mean it will succeed
8. High mint price
9. Are devs active?
(Not all of it can be red flag for sure... BAYC was not doxxed for long time)

If you will need help you can contact us on social media or send us email on nft@metagrlz.com.
We can help with artwork and metadata generating, smart contract and minting web for Ethereum (gas saving) and Solana.